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After A Bloody Monday, This Bored Ape Sold For 45.9 ETH

After a large sell off in the crypto markets on Monday, one Bored Ape Yacht Club Member aped and purchased a gold fur ape for 45.9 ETH.

Opensea User 209C11 purchased Bored Ape #9572 early Tuesday morning for around $89,000 USD.

Bored Ape #9572 is a 5 trait solid gold fur ape with an s&m hat, and an unshaven cigarette mouth. Based on these traits, Bored Ape #9572 is the 216th rarest ape, according to Rarity Tools.

Many apes on Twitter were happy to see a large sale after Monday’s crypto selloffs.

“They’re still coming,” Twitter user Hotlneblng_ tweeted.

Bored Ape #9572 has quite the interesting sales history. The gold fur ape was originally minted by famous Bored Ape offeror DrBurry.

DrBurry caught many apes attention by continually sending offers during the first few weeks of the BAYC existence.

Not only is Bored Ape #9572 minted by DrBurry, but the ape was also sold for a loss last month, according to the Opensea data. Many users were quick to note this fact on Twitter after the sale.

“The guy who sold it at 4ETH would be kicking himself in the nuts right now,” Twitter user BudgetPrune tweeted.

Bored Ape #9572 new owner, 209c11 is no stranger to the Bored Ape Yacht club. With the addition of Bored Ape #9572, they now hold eight Bored Apes and eleven Bored Ape Kennel Club Dogs.

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