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After Meebits Twitter Account Was Verified Today, Yuga Labs Reminded Users To Be Safe Online

Meebits official Twitter account received its blue checkmark today and Yuga Labs used this moment to remind everyone in the NFT space to stay safe online.

"Gm Meebs,” Yuga Labs tweeted from the MeebitsNFTs account. “We're happy to announce that the @MeebitsNFTs account is now verified. Please follow best security practices, look for that blue checkmark, verify the correct handle, and cross reference announcements with the Meebits discord.”

This post is just the latest in a series of security messages and reminders that Yuga Labs has been giving to the community this year.

As the bored ape Gazette previosuly reported on August 27th, Yuga Labs announced that it was working on its own website where Yugaverse holders could go and confirm what they saw on social media.

“Since then, we’ve been working on a new site where our community will be able to view company announcements in a single place that Yuga Owns and controls,” Yuga Labs wrote on Instagram on August 27th. “Our ultimate goal is to provide a resource where community members can check and verify for themselves BAYC news and links they see on social platforms like this one. More info to come, but as it’s to re-engage our active community on Instagram, a few friendly, basic reminders on our return. These are the only official IG accounts associated with Yuga Labs. We’ll update this list if new handles go live. If you come across a handle that’s not on this list, it’s not us.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this new community resource website and will let you know when it goes live!

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