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ALMOST READY FOR LAUNCH: ApeChain Is On Track To Launch Next Month, According To horizon Labs' VP Of Ecosystem Growth.

The ApeCoin DAO’s ApeChain is still on track for a July 2024 launch, according to Horizen Labs’ Vice President Of Ecosystem Growth, Blockchainzilla.

Things were anything but boring in the $Ape ecosystem late last night as Horizen Labs’ Blockchainzilla took to the ApeCoin DAO’s Twitter Space and told the community that ApeChain is set to launch for developers and partners in early July followed by a public launch at the end month.

“That’s not because anything it delayed by the way, it’s based on partner timelines,” Blockchainzilla said. “We want it to go out with stuff that blows people’s minds so that’s why the date right now Is where it is.”


Blockchainzilla went on to say that there are already over 40 developers who have committed to building on ApeChain. He also mentioned that the Horizen Labs, Offchain Labs, and Arbitrum teams recently shifted their focus from ensuring ApeChain's viability at launch to now mitigating congestion, keeping fees low, and ensuring there is enough bandwidth because things will be anything but boring at launch.

“We are going to have powerhouses in there day one,” he said.  “And we want everyone to have a good experience.”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, ApeChain is being built as part of the Arbitrum’s Orbit chains network and Blockchainzilla has said that it will be like an $Ape theme park.


“It is going to be a gaming first, but not gaming only chain,” he said in April. “ Its ultimately supposed to be a theme park for ApeCoin, where everything is denominated ApeCoin, not just the gas fees. Pairs are in ApeCoin, incentives are in ApeCoin.”


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you additional coverage of Blockchainzilla’s Apechain discussion last night. Stay tuned for updates!


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