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$Ape Board will Be Hosting A Twitter Space Town Hall Tomorrow Night. Here's What Will Be Discussed:

The ApeCoin Board will be hosting a Twitter Space tomorrow night to discuss the DAO and how to update its proposal process.

“As a community we’ve made huge strides in the last few months,” ApeCoin Board Member Maaria Bajwa wrote in her Town Hall Discussion Post. “We’ve voted on a range of AIPs and witnessed some big new integrations. However, the DAO’s work is just starting and nothing is set in stone. It therefore feels like a good time to take stock and debate how we can make the next phase of our development even stronger than the last. To that end, we’d like to set up a Twitter Spaces Town Hall on 6/1/22 at 730 pm ET to discuss the ways we can update the DAO proposal process to accelerate our progress and harness the energy of our community.”

Wednesday’s Twitter space will be moderated by Bored Ape Yacht Club member Herb Castillo and ApeCoin Board members Bajwa, Amy Wu and Yat Siu will all be speaking.

Along with the three ApeCoin Board members, Cartan Group representative Brandon Caruana, DAO expert Alisha.Eth and community members Matt Galligan and Captain Trippy will also be speaking at the Town Hall.

During that time, the eight speakers will engage the community and work to answer three main questions, according to Bajwa’s Post.

1. Are there improvements we can implement that will increase the number of high-quality proposals that reach Snapshot?

2. How do we increase the reach of ApeCoin, and the number of people who want to build in this ecosystem?

3. And how do we ensure that all proposals receive some type of community input before reaching Snapshot?

Be sure to tune in to the Town Hall tomorrow night at 7:30 p.m. EST. and stay tuned for the Bored Ape Gazette’s recap on the discussion later that evening.

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