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Ape Fest Begins Monday And Spottie WIFI Recently Released A New Song To Commemorate The Event:

Ape Fest is just around the corner, and Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Spottie WIFI recently released the anthem for the historic event.

Last week, Spottie WIFI, who is known as the King of The Punks, released a new song titled “Ape Fest” featuring @GOLD_RILLA & @SERGEANTSIMMIE.

In the two minute and thirty-eight second song, Spottie WIFI went hard on the beat referencing Ape Fest, ApeCoin, DMT apes, and of course Cheetah Gang.

“I'm working with an artist @SergeantSimmie, who is a multi-platinum Grammy award winner, and we've been working on a lot of new music for the apes,” Spottie told the Gazette. “I've been so hype to attend Ape Fest that I wrote the hook with no beat and then rapped it for him over the phone, and he instantly had this beat in mind. We recorded it a few weeks back while I was in LA and hope the apes dig it!”

You can check out Spottie’s “Ape Fest” song below:

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