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APE MADNESS: Cheetah Fur Ape Concedes Rather Than Compete Against A Fellow Cheetah Gang Member

As Bored Apes continue to battle for a spot in Punks Comic issue #2, this Cheetah Fur Bored Ape Dropped out of the competition after refusing to compete against a fellow Cheetah Gang member.

“Dear @punkscomic. I will never step into the ring against another member of the #cheetahgang,” OSFCollections tweeted. “Therefore I inform you that I forfeit the fight against @SpottieWiFi and therefore my participation in Ape Madness.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Cheetah Gang is one of the most tight-knit Bored Ape sub-categories in all of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

OSF told the Bored Ape Gazette that he had to drop out of the tournament because he values being in Cheetah Gang. OSF went as far as to say he’d be nothing without the support of his fellow cheetah apes.

"I was abandoned as a young child and left to fend for myself,” OSF said. “One day I was walking outside to steal some bread to eat and got caught. The baker was so angry that he was about to decapitate me with a bread knife. I thought my life was over until a member of the Cheetah Gang rushed in to save me. He took me to their lair where they fed me, taught me to be stronger and fend for myself. They essentially raised me, and over time my cheetah prints flourished and I became confident of living my own life. The Cheetah Gang gave me an opportunity to live my life independently and for that reason I will never fight or compete against another brother or sister"

After OSF dropped out of Ape Madness, fellow cheetah fur Bored Ape - Gold Rilla moved on to the next round.

Gold Rilla’s campaign manager, Spottiewifi issued this statement in after OSF’s concession.

“OSF is a standup ape, I've always known him to be a great member of the community and Cheetah Gang is lucky to have him. I was not looking forward to running against a fellow Cheetah Gang member, but I was still very surprised that he conceded - it was a very classy move and I thank him for the grace he showed in that moment. He set a great example for Cheetah Gang and apes of all furs. I hope this will galvanize the whole Cheetah Gang to vote for the remaining Cheetahs in the Ape Madness tournament, because we definitely need representation in the comic!”

Going forward in Ape Madness, Spottie told the Gazette that he looks forward to Cheetah Gang uniting around Gold Rilla and making sure a Cheetah is in Punks Comic #2.

“It feels great to advance to the Final round, but this will definitely be a tough challenge, Spottie said. “It looks like I will be going against an ape with golden fur, which won't be an easy task, but I'm confident my supporters will show up and help me get across the finish line. I'm definitely approaching the Final round as an underdog though, not taking anything for granted.”

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