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APECOIN SPACE: The Apecoin DAO Is Hosting An Important Space With Working Group Zero Tonight

ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member, Vera The Ape, is hosting a Twitter Space with Working Group Zero to discuss some of the most important issues facing the DAO in 2023.

At 10 P.M. EST tonight, the ApeCoin DAO will be holding a Twitter space to discuss updates to the DAO’s mission statement and the possible use of a working group structure for the DAO going forward.

“Gm,” the ApeCoin DAO tweeted this morning. “Set your reminders as Special Council member @veratheape & the WG0 Stewards continue the discussion about the proposal idea for our DAO’s Working Group Structure, Our mission statement, Feedback and changes, Metaverse Working Group?”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Working Group Zero was established in AIP-196 titled “BORED AIP: Bringing Order and Reliability via Ecosystem Decentralization” on January 4th, 2023.

Since then, WGO has helped run a Request for Proposal process that led to the hiring of Websligner as the DAO’s new Administrator.

Following the RFP process, WGO turned its sights on the groups other goals and mandates such as transitioning DAO functions that do not require a Cayman foundation administrator back to the community, recommending changes to AIP-1 , and the creation of guidelines and objectives for the possible creation of ApeCoin DAO working groups going forward.

The Bored Ape Gazette will be live tweeting during tonight’s ApeCoin DAO Twitter space and will bring you a full recap of the event. Stay tuned for updates!

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