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Apes And Voyagers Who Attended Yuga Labs' 'Apes Come Home' Events Last Month Can Now Claim A Commemorative POAP!

Selfies are no longer the only keepsakes from last month’s Apes Come Home events, as Yuga Labs released an exclusive Proof Of Attendance Protocol token for everyone who journeyed to Bored Ape Island on February 29th!

Thousands of Apes and Voyagers broke on through to Otherside last month during Yuga Labs’ Apes Come Home Events; and now the community can commemorate this boring metaverse milestone with a commemorative POAP!

“We selfied. We twerked, and APES CAME HOME,” yuga Labs wrote. “This commemorative KODA CAMERA POAP celebrates the day Apes, Mutants, Kodas, Voyagers, and GTag holders gathered on Bored Ape Island in Otherside.”

To claim your POAP, simply go to the website here: and enter the Eth address that you attended Apes Come Home with. NOTE, this does not require any kind of wallet connection!

This is the second POAP that Yuga Labs has made available to the community this month, following feedback that Apes love POAPs and want more of them!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this POAP drop and will let you know when Yuga Labs drops another POAP. Stay tuned for updates!

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