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APES FEST: The BAYC Hosted A Star Filled Ware House Party Wednesday Night! All The Details Here:

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The Bored Ape Yacht Club promised an event apes wouldn’t want to miss and they definitely delivered!

The BAYC held its Warehouse party at Brooklyn Steel Wednesday night, and the event definitely lived up to the hype.

Around two thousand BAYC members and guest packed the well-known music venue on Wednesday to celebrate the club that has been a huge part of its members lives for the past 6 months.

Upon entering Brooklyn Steel, apes were immediately greeted by the faces of bored apes all over the walls of the venue. Along with photos of the apes, there were also neon signs that said BAYC and “FOMO”, photo booths for apes to use, and an open bar serving up BAYC drinks with names inspired by the clubs founders!

The Bored Ape Gazette can confirm that the drink The Garga, Ketel One vodka grapefruit juice fever -tree grapefruit and sparkling soda, was great!

As the night went on, the BAYC exceeded its members expectations at every turn.

The show began with surprise guest, comedian Aziz Ansari, taking the stage and addressing the club.

“I don’t even know how I ended up here,” Ansari told the apes in attendance. “I was at a dinner and my friend was like Aziz you got to come down, its NFT week. And NFTS came out like seven months ago, this seems like a very fast turnaround to get a whole week.”

Ansari went on to welcome up Beck; the first of three musical acts that night. Beck took the stage and played their hits songs including their 1994 hit, Loser.

After Beck finished their performance, another comedian, Chris Rock, took to the stage to joke about vaccines, masks, NFTS and to welcome the Strokes to the stage.

“I haven’t seen any shows since Covid, is anybody like throw your mask in the air, and wave them like you just don’t care,” Rock said. “ Where’s my anti-vaxxers at? You f**king dumb, Kyrie motherf++kers. Is it Moderna? Is it Pfizer? Is it J&J? The food stamps of vaccines.”

Rock’s Covid remarks gained traction in the mainstream media, getting covered by gossip website, TMZ. Later in his bit, Rock went on the rift on NFTs and joke that he’s been using that phrase for a long time. Rock then introduced the strokes to the stage who performed their hit songs including Reptilia.

After the Strokes performed, the apes in attendance patiently waited for the final act of the night, rapper Lil Baby.

Lil Baby recently joined the BAYC, purchasing Bored Ape #129. Bored Ape #129 is a six trait pink fur ape with a tank top and a baby’s bonnet. Lil Baby purchased Bored Ape #129 for 37.99 Eth or $151,960 usd.

Lil Baby entertained the ape community by not only performing his hit songs, but also announcing that he mutated Bored Ape #129 earlier that night.

Check Out Lil Baby's full performance below:

After a fun night, the BAYC took to twitter and thank the BAYC the warehouse party sponsors for everything. “Massive shout out to our sponsors @MoonPayHQ and @0xPolygon for supporting #ApeFest, the BAYC tweeted. “Amazing teams. Thanks too to beverage sponsors @StellaArtois and @BulleitUSA. What an incredible night.”

The next day, club founder, Gordon Goner took to Twitter with a message for the BAYC community on he and team are doing going forward.

“Okay. Back to work.”

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