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Avid Bored Ape Collector Mr. GhostMintFun Made An Insane Trade With This BAYC Member

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

This notable Bored Ape Yacht Club member is feeling himself after he made an insane mutant trade for a pimp coat Bored Ape.

BAYC member and avid Ape collector Mr. Ghostmintfun made a massive trade with notable BAYC member Captain Trippy for his pimp coat primate.

On Sunday, Captain Trippy took to Twitter and announced that he was looking to either sell or trade away Bored Ape #1180 for tax loss reasons.

Bored Ape #1180 is a seven-trait red fur primate with an Irish Boho hat, a diamond stud earring and a pimp coat. Based on these traits, Bored Ape #1180 is the 370th most rare primate, according to Rarity Tools.

“Moving this (Fire emojis) pimp before now and end of year for tax loss reasons,” Captain Trippy tweeted. “I don’t NEED to sell. Will consider fair offers. Prefer yuga ecosystem only but will consider other blue chips. If you have to ask, it’s not a blue chip. Any assets for trade need to be floor. Add $eth $ape.”

Shortly after his tweet, Captain Trippy made an insane deal with notable BAYC member Mr. GhostMintFun.

In the trade Mr. GhostMintFun received Bored Ape #1180 and Captain Trippy received seven insane Mutant Apes and two Eth, according to Etherscan data and Mr. GhostMintFun.

After the trade, Mr. GhostMintFun took to Twitter and thanked Captain Trippy for making a deal with him.

“Thank you @CapetainTrippy, you are an incredible man, and it is really a pleasure to trade with you,” he tweeted. “Look forward to trade with you more in the future, thanks.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow both of these BAYC members and will let you know what they do next!

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