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"AWW YES": ImprobableIo CEO Herman Narula Is Pumped For The Second Trip. Here's What We Know:

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

As Yuga Labs announced its second trip to the Otherside yesterday, ImprobableIo’s CEO took to Twitter and said that he’s been chomping at the bit to visit the metaverse again.

After Yuga Labs announced that Voyagers would be heading back to the Otherside on March 25th, ImprobaleIo’s CEO Herman Narula took to Twitter and said that he’s been waiting for this moment.

“Aww yes. Finally,” Narula tweeted. “I wanted to do like five of these already. Sitting here all trigger happy. At last, you guys get to see some of what we’ve been doing…”

It is clear that Narula has been “trigger happy” and eager to show off the Otherside since Voyagers first trip to the metaverse in July 2022.

During the Fall of last year, Narula shared a video of a new and improved version of the Otherside that could handle even more users experiencing the metaverse at the same time.

“Leak time,” Narula tweeted on September 9th along with a 44 second clip. “So there have been some major upgrades to the backend of our @MSquared_io technology. This is little candid clip of more than 20,000 CCU (concurrently connected users) in a dense location. Many caveats and details in thread: @RJFWhite.”

Along with giving the community a new look at the enhanced Otherside, Narula also explained to the community that he views Yuga Labs’ metaverse as a platform not a game.

“Otherside is not a game it’s a platform,” Narula tweeted on September 3rd 2022 “It is powered by M squared which is a network of platforms that all work together. If you own an otherdeed then as we add more worlds to M2 you get more potential people to come visit your content. It’s all stronger together.”

After this tweet, Narula took to the comment section and gave the community a glimpse into what Yuga Labs and Improbable plan to make available on the Otherside.

“Yuga and Improbable will also be building experiences on the platform,” Narula tweeted. “Such as what you saw with first tip, so there will be Netflix originals so to speak. However, I think I’m overstepping what I can say here a bit as I’m not sure what’s public.”

The idea of Yuga Labs having experiences or “Netflix originals” on the Otherside platform was backed up by Yuga Labs’ Co-Founder, Garga, in an interview with Punk6529 in October 2022.

“The persistent world will be coming in 2023,” Garga said. “There will be multiple experiences, many multiple experiences along the way, but the initial persistent world, where people will have full access to the initial customer experience will be in 2023.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Otherside and will keep you posted on the second trip. Stay tuned for updates!

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