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BAYC DJ Duo EscapePLAN Released A New Music Video With Rapper Rich The Kid

Bored Ape Yacht Club DJ Duo EscapePLAN teamed up with fellow BAYC member and rapper Rich the Kid to release a new music video today.

EscapePlan and Rich The Kid released a new song and music video titled Jungle on YouTube earlier today.

The video begins with the BAYC members Ethanbayc and Zeethbayc finding an internet café in the middle of nowhere. Upon entering the café, the bored apes connect their wallet and enter a digital jungle.

Ethanbayc and Zeethbayc then stumble upon a hieroglyphic of a boombox which then turns into a DJ turn table. The pair then begin playing music with Rich the Kid’s ape and entertaining members of the BAYC.

Following their set, Ethanbayc, Zeethbayc and Rich the Kid leave the club and go on to perform in front a of massive crowd that’s packed with apes and mutants.

Following their show, Ethanbayc and Zeethbayc disconnect their wallet and proceed to leave the café.

Check out the full music video below:

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