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The BAYC Has Raised Over 291K For Animal Charities, Find Out About These Charities Missions

The Bored Ape Yacht Club announced its first round of donations to animal charities, that'll help real life primates and dogs.

The BAYC has raised a total of 135 Eth or $291k USD. The BAYC has donated 33.75 Eth, or roughly $67.5K USD, to Friends of Bonobos, Orangutan Outreach and Wright Way.

"We Started the Bored Ape Kennel Club collection to reward members and give back, but never imagined we'd have this level of impact," Gargamel announced on Discord. "Thank you, apes."

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the BAYC is donating 100% of its royalties on the bored ape kennel club dog sales.

The BAKC's 7-day trade volume has been 4166.73 Eth at the time of this articles publication. This is the highest sales volume of any NFT in that period, according to Rarity Tools.

Find out a little bit more about each of the charities that the BAYC has donated to:

Name: Friend of Bonobos

Mission: “We support and work directly with Amis des Bonobos du Congo (ABC) and we raise awareness for bonobos and their plight globally. ABC is based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the only country where bonobos live in the wild. They are the heroes behind some of the most effective and extensive bonobo conservation programs in the world.”

What is are Bonobos: "Bonobos are great apes, like humans! They are only found in in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they live in the Congo Basin Rainforest - the second largest rainforest on the planet. Bonobos are peaceful, cooperative, and welcoming to newcomers. Bonobos are endangered and could go extinct in our lifetime. We're on a mission to stop that."

Name: Orangutan Outreach

Mission: “Orangutan Outreach’s mission is to protect orangutans in their native forests of Borneo and Sumatra while providing care for orphaned and displaced orangutans until they can be returned to their natural environment. If they cannot be released, we will do everything in our power to ensure they have a life of dignity and the best possible long-term care. We seek to raise funds and promote public awareness of orangutan conservation issues by collaborating with partner organizations around the world.”

Name: Wright Way Rescue

Mission: “Wright-Way Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to reduce the number of homeless pets euthanized in the Midwest each year through an adoption program, community education, promotion of spaying and neutering, and a veterinary medicine program. We continue to save pets from rural animal control facilities where they are at a high risk of euthanasia, and instead offer them a second chance at a loving home in the Chicagoland area.”

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