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OUT OF THIS WORLD: An Anonymous Crypto Whale Purchased An Alien CryptoPunk For 4,000 ETH Or $12.4M USD!

An anonymous crypto whale came in peace to the world of Web3 today and purchased a far-out Alien CryptoPunk, previously sold at Christie's, for over $12 million USD!

NFT enthusiasts were beaming this morning after an anonymous crypto whale purchased CryptoPunk #635 for 4,000 ETH or $12,405,000 USD in a deal brokered by the cryptoart brokerage firm Fountain.

CryptoPunk #635 has quite a storied history. Originally, this Punk was part of the 'Dev Punks' that the Larva Labs team reserved for themselves back in 2017.

Punk #635 then made an appearance at Christie's in May 2021, when it was sold alongside eight other CryptoPunks for $16,962,500, according to Christie’s website.

After brokering this deal, Fountain took to Twitter this morning and confirmed that they were the middlemen.

“CryptoPunk 635, the Alien originally owned by Larva Labs and sold at the Christie’s Contemporary Art Evening Sale in May 2021, has just been acquired by an anonymous collector in a deal brokered by Fountain. We’re honored to have played a small role in this sale. Congratulations to the seller and the new owner!


Following the sale, Apes, Punks, and NFT collectors took to the comment section to say things like 'free,' and 'NFT are dead.'



The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about this alien Punk acquisition. Stay tuned for updates!

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