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BAYC Member Codeiaks Won A Pair Of BAYC X BAPE Shoes In DareVader's Giveaway! The Full Story Here:

Bored Ape Yacht Club member and Mutant Cartel Officer Codeiaks’ weekend was anything but boring after he won a pair of BAYC X BAPE shoes in DareVader’s giveaway!

After 1,479 web3 enthusiast entered DareVader’s giveaway this week, the kind hearted CryptoPunk announced that Codeiaks was the winner of his limited edition BAYC X BAPE shoes!

“It's truly thrilling to have won the DareVader’s Bape Bayc shoes,” Codeiaks told the Gazette. “Realizing how special and unique they are fills me with a mix of disbelief and excitement. It's really amazing what DareVader is doing, giving others the chance to win such incredible items.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, DareVader decided to give back to the community after he received a ton of support from the Web3 space for gifting Yuga Labs’ Co-Founder, Gordon Goner, a Mutant Hound.

“The shoes was something I had told myself prior that I think would be cool if someone just won,” DareVader previously told the Gazette. “After I gifted Gordo the Hound and received a huge wave of love, I decided to continue the movement of kindness and give the Shoes as well. They are limited edition, wearable and tangible. Whoever wins, wont forget about it. Even if they flip it afterwards.”

After his win today, Codeiaks told the Gazette that he's weighing his options on what to do with the shoes but is leaning towards keeping the kicks!

“They're not just any pair of shoes; they're a piece of art and a collector's item,” he said. “One thought is to keep them as collectibles, given their unique design and rarity. I'm currently leaning towards keeping them as collectibles, they symbolize a blend of fashion, art, and exclusivity.”

As Codeiaks, decides what to do with his new shoes, DareVader is continuing to spread good vibes across the Web3 ecosystem and is now giving away an ApeCoin rug from RichClassDecor!

“The movement continues. Giving away a @richclasdecor x @apecoin rug to a random along with 5 discount codes for 25% off. Get rugged the right way,” DareVader tweeted. “Thanks to @richclasdecor for sponsoring this to spread more love. Especially to the toes. 36 hours. For the culture.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow DareVader’s giveaways! Stay tuned for updates!

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