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BAYC Member ThreadGuy Is 'For The Culture' And The Community Is Embracing Him With Opepen Arms

Bored Ape Yacht Club member ThreadGuy has been doing it for the culture since the day he joined the Web3 space and now everyone is taking note!

Things have been anything but boring for ThreadGuy recently as the notable BAYC member has become the talk of the space after Jack Butcher made an “Opepen threadition” in honor of ThreadGuy and Beeple has made three everyday pieces centered around the Director of Vibes.

The spotlight began to shine extra bright on the popular Twitter Space host last week on July 11th after BoredElon offered to trade him a 001 Opepen by Jack Butcher in exchange for his trademark Mutant Ape.

“Just offered @notthreadguy one of my 001 Opepen's in exchange for his Mutant Ape PFP,” BoredElon wrote from his BoredOpepen account. “Putting this out there publicly so i'm held to the deal. Terms are he needs to hold onto the 001 for at least 3 months. I'll hold the mutant at least 1 year. Your move TG.”

ThreadGuy declined BoredElon’s offer. After that ThreadGuy was offered various NFTs from various members of the Web3 space in exchange for his Mutant Ape; he declined every offer!

As ThreadGuy declined more and more offers, Jack Butcher set crypto Twitter ablaze on July 16th with his ThreadGuy inspired ‘Opepen threadition’ mint.

“Opepen threadition for provenance purposes only, and to redirect some economic energy to a massive contributor to this ecosystem 0.001 (~$2) all proceeds to @notthreadguy ↓,” Butcher tweeted along with an image of a ThreadGuy inspired Opepen.

After Jack Butcher launched his Opepen Threadition mint, ThreadGuy updated his Twitter PFP to it.

“If everyone gets it there’s nothing left to do #NewProfilePic,” ThreadGuy tweeted.

After ThreadGuy updated his PFP to the Opepen Threadition, many other members of the web3 community made the insane Opepen their PFP as well!

All this commotion on the timeline led to Beeple making an Opepen Threadition Everyday piece on July 16th. “FOR THE CULTURE,” Beeple tweeted.

Three days after Jack Butcher’s Opepen Threadition mint launched, Beeple has created two more Everyday pieces based on this moment and thousands of Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, and other NFT holders have Opepened their PFPs!

At the time of this article’s publication, 47,565 Opepen Threaditions have been minted which means ThreadGuy has received 47.565 Eth or $90,373.50 USD from the community for his contributions to Web3.

BAYC members, or NFT holders at large, who are interested in Opepening their PFPs can do so here with no wallet connection:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ThreadGuy and will let you know what he does next!

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