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BAYC Members Von Miller And Brandon McManus Win Their First Game Of The Season

A couple Bored Ape Yacht Club members played in their first game of the NFL season Sunday and apes were excited to watch.

BAYC members and Denver Broncos team captains, Von Miller and Brandon McManus, competed in their first game of the NFL season against the New York Giants.

McManus scored the first points of the season for the Denver Broncos converting a 23 yard field goal. McManus would go on to make a 36 yard field goal and also convert three extra points.

Miller led the Broncos defense and was anything but boring on the field. The outside linebacker started the season with two sacks on the Giants Quarterback, Daniel Jones.

In the end, the Broncos defeated the Giants 27-13. BAYC member and Former Broncos player, Tyler Polumbus, was impressed with his fellow apes and the Broncos team. “When was last time you felt this optimistic after a Broncos game,” he tweeted.

Next week, the Broncos will be heading down to Jacksonville Florida to face off against the Jaguars.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the team and all BAYC NFL players.

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