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BAYC Studios Released An Animated Ape Version Of Jimmy Fallon's Interview With Paris Hilton

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

BAYC Studios released an animated video of Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon as their apes!

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Hilton was a guest on The Tonight Show yesterday evening where the heiress discussed NFTs and her bored ape with BAYC member Jimmy Fallon.

BAYC Studios humorously took this segment, animated Fallon and Hilton as their apes and created a shot for shot replica of the interaction!

Check out the animated version of Fallon’s interview with Hilton here:

“We’ve been exploring this idea of how digital connections can be just as authentic as meeting in real life, BAYC Studios’ Roshanchain.eth said. “Recreating a popular moment in time with NFTs. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to take it a step further and let people explore how different or similar our digital avatars will be, compared to our human self”

Hilton’s bored ape is Bored Ape #1294. Bored Ape #1294 is a five-trait red fur ape with sunglasses and an s&m hat. Moonpay purchased the ape for her three days for 119 Eth.

Going forward, Roshan believes that Hilton and Fallon will be keys to onboarding the masses into the Metaverse and introducing them too NFTs.

“Jimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton really have the opportunity to be brand ambassadors of the Bored Ape Yacht Club brand, for the crowd that is still very confused about NFTs and their utility in day-to-day life,” Roshan said. “Paris Hilton has been consistently at the forefront of being a NFT influencer so she’s really an inspiration to all the creatives and also educating new celebrities and her fan base that wants to get into NFTs. Every time Jimmy Fallon mentions bored apes, it's a opportunity for a million people to learn about a new cultural phenomenon. More importantly learn the impact of decentralized communities”

Be sure to watch BAYC Studios animated video and give them a follow on Twitter @BAYCStudios

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