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Beeple Commemorated Yuga Labs' Acquisition Of The PROOF Collective In His Latest Everyday Piece!

After Yuga Labs’ acquisition of the PROOF Collective and MoonBirds took over the timeline on Friday afternoon, NFT artist, Beeple, immortalized the moment in his latest Every Day!

Whether you are for or against Yuga Labs’ acquisition of Moonbirds, it’s safe to say that the deal made waves around the swamp and the broader Web3 ecosystem, as everyone who is left in the NFT world tweeted shared their two Sats on the deal!

As everyone discussed the merits of the deal and what this meant for the future of Apes, Moonbirds and Yuga Labs, Beeple got to work imaging this moment as an everyday piece.


“Seems worthy of an everyday, but how to visualize, he tweeted. “Open to suggestions.”


Five hours later, Beeple settled on a giant Bored Ape getting ready to baby bird feed Kevin Rose.

‘MOON LANDING,” Beeple titled the piece.

“This is being printed and going on my wall,” Kevin Rose tweeted in response.


Beeple’s most recent piece is just his latest work of art to feature a Bored Ape. Take a look back at some of Beeple’s other notable BAYC posts, including his Apes Vs. Meebits series, his Otherside rendition, and his Gordon Goner NFT shopping spree.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Beeple and will let you know when he incorporates the Yugaverse into his work next. Stay tuned for updates!

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