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Before The Sewers Closed, These DooKey Dashers Got Together For An In Person Tournament!

Before the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s DooKey Dash came to an end earlier this week, a bunch of Sewer Pass holders got together in Los Angeles California for a in person Dookey Dash Tournament!

On Sunday February 5th, 50-60 Dookey Dashers got together at Inception Land, a venture society designated to economic empowerment for creative individuals at the intersection of frontier tech and culture., for an in person DooKey Dash tournament!

During the event BAYC members, Sewer Pass holders, and even pro gamers competed against one another for some insane prizes!

The vibes were high at the event as Dookey Dashers made their way through the sewer underneath the BAYC; and achieved some insane high scores! Take a look at some photos from the event below:

After everyone DooKey Dashed for a few hours, the scores were calculated, and professional gamer Orangie won the tournament and went home with a Tier 1 Sewer Pass!

After the tournament, BAYC member Racs took to Twitter and talked about how great it is to see professional gamers enter the web3 space.

“Biggest achievement #dookeydash has accomplished is getting pro gamers talking to NFT holders," Racs said. “Gaming tournaments like the one hosted by @INCEPTIONLAND42 x @BoredLApes getting you in the same room to play and talk DooKey dash, gaming, & NFTs. Congrats @yugalabs @BoredApeYC.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the DooKey Dash and will keep you posted on Yuga Labs’ next gaming endeavor which is set to take place later this month! Stay tuned for updates!

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