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Bored Ape Yacht Club Agent Guy Oseary Proposed That He Becomes A Rep For The ApeCoin DAO:

A newly written Ape Improvement Proposal already has the full support of Bored Ape Yacht Club Co-Founder Gordon Goner.

The BAYC’s manager Guy Oseary proposed an AIP yesterday night titled “Guy Oseary as ApeCoin Representative.”

“This document proposes to make me, Guy Oseary, a representative of ApeCoin,” Oseary wrote. “This role will make it my job to support ApeCoin through impactful partnerships and initiatives. I will not receive any payment for my services.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Oseary became the BAYC ‘s talent agent on October 12, 2021. “Many people still have not heard of Yuga, yet they are one of the highest-grossing talents of the year from any artform, including music and film,” Oseary in announcing the deal. “They are originals, empowering their community of NFT holders by giving them IP rights to their purchased ape, and continually creating ways to add benefits and utility to the purchased artwork. The Apes at Yuga Labs and I have a lot of exciting initiatives for the community, and we look forward to sharing them soon.”

Even before Oseary began representing the BAYC, notable talent agent joined the club on August 28thpurchasing Bored Ape #8699 for 99 Eth.

In his AIP proposal, Oseary explained how he entered Web-3 and his plans to bring $Ape everywhere.

“Web3 is more than just digital,” he said. “The coin that will power your metaverse experience will also be powering your real-life experience. You could earn ApeCoin in the metaverse and use it as payment to attend a show by your favorite artist. Pay for a hotel with it one day and meet your friends there virtually. We are at the very early days here. Keeping ApeCoin solely in the metaverse would limit it. The request is for an allocation of 1% of the Ecosystem Fund for me to spend strategically on opportunities and partnerships that benefit the brand and community. These initiatives could include – but are not limited to – events, partnerships, and projects across gaming, TV, film, and music. To execute on this successfully, it is important for me to be able to engage in individual negotiations discreetly, driving more favorable terms and costs that result in higher ROI.”

Following Oseary’s post, BAYC Co-Founder Gordon Goner came out and endorsed the AIP.

“Guy is easily the smartest, hardest working, most genuine dude I’ve ever met in my life, Goner tweeted. “I learn more from him about how to be a better person nearly every day. It is my strong opinion that the @apecoin DAO should pass this proposal. He will kill it for you. The man is a machine.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Oseary AIP and let you know when it goes up for a vote. You can read Oseary’s full proposal here:

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