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Bored Apes Are Taking Over California. Find Out Where And When You Can Meet Fellow BAYC Members:

There will be two Bored Ape Yacht Club get togethers happening later this month in California.

As the BAYC continues to grow in popularity, so has Ape's interest in meeting Ape's in real life.

BAYC Community grant recipient, Josh Ong, announced his project, Ape Meetups - the first in real life event happening later this month.

"Los Angeles, we're doing this, Ong tweeted. “Bored Ape LA Meetup. July 20 Venice DM for details.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Ong was awarded the $1,000 BAYC community grant last month.

Ong told the Gazette his hope for the Ape Meetups project is for apes to connect with other apes.

“I know apes love hanging out online and in the metaverse, but building community in person is powerful too,” Ong said. “As we get to know the other members of BAYC near us, I believe positive and creative things will happen.”

Ape Meetups event is not the only Bored Ape get together happening in the Golden State later this month. The Aped Collective’s, Aped LA, is also happening on July 31st.

“The inaugural APED event is taking place in Venice Beach, CA on July 31st," The Aped Collective tweeted. “Free for all who want to attend! Join us in this community event For Apes by Apes in a night that will be APEsolutely special”

The Aped event is being held at 62 Winward Avenue Venice, CA from 7-9 pm.

BAYC members/ artists, Danny_p3d, Painter_crypto, Yonmeister_art, Coryvanlew, NFTprince, Boredape4928, Dario_Desiena and Sickpencil will all be in attendance.

There will also be a live performance by BAYC member, Richvanger.

“Stoked to be playing at this event!!! Gonna be so awesome, Vanger tweeted. “Thanks for having me part of it @KrunchXBT.”

If you’re interested in attending Ape Meetups on July 20th, be sure to DM ong on Twitter @beijingdou.

And if you’re interested in attending Aped LA on July 3st, be sure to fill out there google doc here: Or go to their Twitter @APEDcollective.

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