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BORED BANGER: Singe Founder Dim.Eth Premiered Franken Bombay's Title Track At A Paris Party Earlier This Week!

Updated: Apr 15

The City of Lights was lit earlier this week as Singe Founder Dim.Eth brought the mutated M2 version of Snoop Dogg’s Bored Ape, Franken Bombay, to the music scene, premiering the primate's title track at a Made By Apes listening party!

On Tuesday, Apes and Web3 enthusiasts gathered in Paris France to attend Dim.Eth and Decentralized Drinks Franken Bombay listening party, kicking off the insane primate’s music career with a song that was written and performed by BAYC member RedHat_MAYC!

“A massive thank you to all the degens in Paris who attended the Franken Bombay listening party,” Dim tweeted. “The song by @RedHat_MAYC is OUT NOW on Spotify.”

“Super exciting to finally give Franken Bombay a voice, not sure yet about future musical plans but we'll see,” Dim.Eth told the Gazette. “More things are coming soon around the Franken Bombay IP: Collectibles and more.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Dim.Eth purchased the M2 Mutant Ape version of Snoop Dogg’s Dr. Bombay in November 2023 and added the IP into his Made By Apes clothing line, Singe, launching a 'Franken Bombay' capsule three weeks later.

“Mutants are insane and I'm glad to bring to life one of the most recognizable ones,” Dim told the Gazette at the time. “The trait combination stands out due to the mix of Green, Pink and Yellow. Franken Bombay's going to be a center piece of the brand.”

As Apes wait to see if Dim decides to make more music with his Franken Bombay IP, the voice behind the insane ape, RedHat_MAYC told the paper that he’d love to drop more bored bangers.


“As far as more content or more tracks, that is entirely up to Dim.eth as it's his mutant and his IP, he said. “Of course, there will always be more music from Red Hat the MC, but whether or not that includes Franken Bombay's voice, we'll have to wait and see.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Dim as he continues to build Singe and the Franken Bombay brand. Stay tuned for updates!

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