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BORED BUSINESS: BAYC Member Adam Weitsman Is Now An Investor In The Data Aggregator, Otherdex!

From purchasing the DooKey Dash’s Golden Key for $1.6M USD earlier this year to investing in golden opportunities, Bored Ape Yacht Club member Adam Weitsman is bullish on all things Yuga Labs and is looking forward building the expanded Yugaverse!

On Wednesday, Weitsman announced that he and Otherdex, a new Otherside explorer platform and data aggregator service, have entered a strategic partnership!

"As a traditionally conservative investor, my decision to invest in Otherdex is fueled by my confidence in the Yuga ecosystem and commitment to enhancing credibility within the web3 space,” Weitsman said in a press release. “I'm genuinely excited about Otherside and have already taken steps to increase my understanding, involvement & exposure. The founders of Otherdex have a vision that I deeply resonate with. Having had a previous working relationship with Adam, I wholeheartedly trust his leadership in guiding the Otherdex team toward delivering a product the community will love. I'm thrilled to back builders whose big-picture goals paint a bright picture for the future of web3 gaming.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Otherdex made waves around the swamp earlier this year when they transformed Yuga Labs' Otherside map into luminescent works of art, depicting Voyagers' Otherdeeds across the metaverse.

With Weitsman on bored, Otherdex Co-Founder and CTO, Sam Powell, said that he and his team are ready to build a world class system for Voyagers to use once they break on through to the Otherside.

'We look forward to shipping a first-class set of tools for voyagers to explore Otherside like never before,' he said."

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Weitsman and Otherdex. Stay tuned for updates!

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