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BORED BUSINESS: The BAYC Community Council's MBA Liaison JBond Is Bringing Builders Together This 'APE-RIL'

Two weeks after Bored Ape Yacht Club Member JBond was elected to serve as the first Made By Apes Liaison on the BAYC Community Council, he has aped into the role and is working to connect bored businesses!

On Monday, JBond announced his first initiative as the BAYC Community Council's MBA Liaison, starting some Made By Apes group chats on Twitter and inviting everyone with a license to build to join!


“APE-RIL ALPHA: MADE BY APES CABAL IS UP! Started MBA chats yesterday,” he tweeted. “Now, we have almost 250 builders across 2 chats Tbh, there are still more builders to be added. So, if you're an MBA builder not yet in the chat, comment here so I can get you added. As I said before, apes come and go but real onces don't just stay. They build. Don't miss out on building an MBA initiative and connecting with MBA builders. This is the long-term alpha.”


 In total, 422 Apes have joined the MBA ecosystem and are being listed  on Yuga Labs’ Made By Yuga website.

“My goal is to make MBA holders feel like they’re getting something more than a license,” JBond told the Gazette. “And what better way to start with that by doing an MBA group chat, or a couple for this matter. This chat is made to open a platform for MBA builders to chat, connect, discuss, ideate, vibe, and collaborate with one another. This chat will also make my line of communication as BAYC Council MBA Liaison faster with MBA builders. This is just the first initiative we have lined up for MBAs. Stay tuned for what’s to come next!”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Made By Apes will be one of the focal points for Yuga Labs in 2024.

“When you really look at what BAYC is about this year it’s those things. The Clubhouse, ApeFest, Global Community Events, Made By Apes, and Collabs,” the Club’s Creative Director, Jeff Nicholas said during the BAYC’s second Bored meeting last month. “It’s that simple. And its like we’re building ways to vibe together. We’re building ways to support each other, and building ways to really kind of fuse the bonds of this club.”


MBA Builders who are interested in being added to JBond’s Made By Apes group chats can reach out to him via Twitter @ jbondwagon


Also, every BAYC member who is building a business around their IP is invited to request an official MBA license from Yuga Labs here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to cover JBond’s work as the BAYC Community Council’s MBA Liaison and will keep you posted on all the bored businesses around the swamp. Stay tuned for updates!

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