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BORED IN BROOKYLN: These $Ape Creators Are Hosting An IRL Meet Up Tomorrow.Here's How You Can Attend

These bored builders are hosting an $Ape Creators meet up in Brooklyn tomorrow night after winning a grant in ThankApe’s recent PropHouse contest.

On Sunday, the ApeCoin community is invited to ape in and attend an in real life meet up at Lion’s Milk Café in Brooklyn New York.

“Discover ApeCoin creators’ artwork, engaging workshops, and inspiring speeches,” the event coordinator Popil said. “Enjoy ApeCoin culture, savor Bored IP food, and explore MBA brand stories. Host by Popil, BoredTea, lion's milk, Bored Bagels. 🥰This event is Born from our award-winning ThankApe x Apecoin proposal! “

This event will consist of two distinct parts, one where attendees can explore art and the other where they can listen to builders in the $Ape ecosystem.

. The first part of the event, which begins at 6 P.M. Est, will be a time where guest can check out some $Ape art created by ApeCoin DAO Contributors like SeraStarGirl, Alex Marks, Ikorzain, ForeverApes, among others.

The second half of the event will be speeches and workshops about building in the $Ape ecosystem and utilizing your IP!

“As BoredIP creators, we value a relaxed environment that fosters ApeCoin culture,” Popil said, “We're curating engaging exhibitions and interactive activities to showcase and uplift ApeCoin's creators, providing a firsthand experience of its impact.”

ApeCoin Holders who are interested in tomorrow night’s $Ape event can claim their ticket here:

$Apes can also reach out to Popil on Twitter @popilart to get their tickets.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Popil and Lion Milk’s Café’s future events. Stay tuned for updates!

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