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BORED& LUCKY : Apes+ Upped The Ante And Secured Everyone In The Yugaverse A Chance To Claim A Bunch Of Raffle Tickets& More From The eBit Casino!

Luck be an Ape tonight!  

The Yugaverse’s community-led airdrop procurer, Apes+, upped the airdrop ante on Sunday, securing everyone in the Yugaverse a bag of banana raffle tickets and other goodies from Crypto Casino, eBit.

Bored Ape Yacht Club members and the Yugaverse at large are invited to take a break from the Solana memecoin casino and try their luck at Ebit’s online slots, roulette, card games, and more this “Aperil.”

“Aperil is now live in collaboration with @ApesPlus,” eBittweeted on Sunday. “Ready for a month packed with excitement and rewards? By playing and collecting bananas you can win exclusive @BoredApeYC NFT's! And yes.. bananas can also be obtained for free Play now at”


“A month full of rewards that ANYONE can join in on,” Apes+’s DareVader wrote in the Apes+ Discord. “For Aperil they're giving away Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, and lots of Cash. How can you win? By collecting Bananas. Every banana counts as a raffle entry into all prizes. You can get bananas for free by doing simple tasks or by playing on eBit!”


By signing up for eBit with Apes+’s referral link, Apes and non-Apes like will receive 1,000 banana raffle tickets for free along with a deposit bonus of up to $1,250 USD, according to DareVader.

For more information on eBit and to claim your tickets, you can sign up here:,

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Apes+ and will keep you posted on every upcoming airdrop/ free claim opportunity for the Yugaverse. Stay tuned for updates!

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