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'GUNS. MAYHEM. MEETROPLIS.': Garga Announced A New Otherside Action Game Series Titled 'Project Dragon' That Will Be Able To Host Over 3,000 Concurrent Players.

Get ready for ‘Guns. Mayhem. Meetroplis.’

Garga was ‘dragon’ deez nuts on the Otherside mainstage last night as he announced a yearlong Otherside action game series and story dubbed Project Dragon, set to kick off later this summer!

On Thursday, 1,200 Apes and Voyagers gathered on the Otherside for a first-of-its-kind Town Hall meeting with Yuga Labs CEO Garga.


During that time, Garga revealed that the company has been working on a new Otherside action game known internally as 'Project Dragon.' The name originated from PTM, who made an elaborate 'deez nuts' joke that went over the heads of many Otherside team members, according to Garga.

Garga went on to say that Project Dragon is a 12-episode game series beginning this summer.

“Project Dragon launches in July, and it will be a massively multiplayer event with thousands of players competing across Meetropolis” Garga said. “There will be weapons. There will be mayhem. Frankly there will be a lot of jank because nobody has done action gameplay with three thousand plus people like this. It just doesn’t happen.”

When the battle begins, Apes, Meebs, and Voyagers will be able to head into the metaverse for a massive melee each month that will be anything but boring.

“There will be a project Dragon event every month starting in July and we are going to be developing and iterating on the formats with holders through the end of the year,” Garga said. “The events start in Meetropolis and to start you’ll be able to play as your Bored Ape, Meebits, or Voyager. Kodas and others will enter the fight when their respective islands open up.”

Along with three thousand plus player action, Project Dragon will also have a storyline that will unfold throughout the year.

“Along with this just being crazy bonkers and fun, this is also an opportunity for us to tell a story,” Garga said. “Wylie (Gordon Goner) and I worked on with the team, a very long time ago at this point. So, we are super stoked.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Project Dragon and will let you know when the battle begins this July. Stay tuned for updates.

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