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BORED & SPOOKY: These Bored Ape Yacht Club Artist Are Making Halloween Not-So-Scary This Year!

Spooky season becomes sweet season around the swamp, thanks to these Bored Ape Yacht Club members not-so-scary Halloween-themed decorations, disturbingly delicious teas, and creepy cute cookies!

BAYC member and artist, PopilArt, has teamed up with various creators from across the Yugaverse this Halloween to create a line of cute and scary products and treats that are delightfully frightful.

“So Spooky! The BAYC & CoolCats Fam Workshop Kit has officially launched at! We collaboratively designed with Artists @lidoff_mlucus& @popilart. with @BoredSnax& @TheBoredTea & @TwinPawsSeries! Bringing @BoredApeYC@coolcats IP to IRL!”

Take a look at some of the BAYC themed Halloween goodies below:

PopilArt and the others artists who made spooky season around the swamp cute were inspired to do this by their children who love their NFTs and Halloween.

“We were Inspired by our little Apes,” PopilArt told the Gazette, “Our kids love Halloween and all this cute and spooky stuff. And they believe CoolCats and Bored Apes are real!”

Apes and non-Apes who are interested in purchasing some spooky products in time for Halloween must place their orders by October 15th, according to PopilArt. Also, you can get 15% off your purchase by using code “Bored & Spooky.”

Everyone can check out their spooky store here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue follow PopilArt and will let you know what she and her fellow artists do next! Stay tuned for updates!

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