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Bored Stu Wants Your Ape On A Billboard, Find Out How To Get Your Ape Featured In Sin City

Bored Ape Billboards have been popping up throughout the United States and now the creator wants to include your Bored Ape.

Bored Ape #1520, better known as Billboard Stu has created a commemorative NFT featuring Stu’s past billboard and sign appearances. The project is called The Adventures of Bored Stu.

This NFT gives holders the chance to be featured on a billboard alongside Stu or on a bus shelter solo .This NFT also enters each holder into several giveaways for various NFTS such as Yetis Bonsais and a Punks Comic.

Stu’s owner, themonarch00 told the Bored Ape Gazette that the goal of the project is to increase exposure for the BAYC and have some fun.

“The main goals of this project are 1. Help the community create more exposure for BAYC, 2. Expand the community of ape holders and 3. Have some fun,” The Monarch said.

In total, there will be 4,000 Adventures of Bored Stu NFTs minted and sold at a price of either .015 Eth plus gas or .02 Eth with gas covered by The Monarch.

The apes who will be featured on the billboard and bus shelter will be announced on July 2nd 2021. So apes who are interested must purchase their NFT by July 1st at 11:59 p.m..

Adventures of Bored Stu’s first billboard and bus shelter location will be Las Vegas, according to The Monarch.

The apes who are randomly selected for the billboard feature will be displayed on four billboards across sin city. The ape that wins the bus shelter feature, will be showcased at a bus stop on the Las Vegas Strip.

“we needed to find a place that could use a bit more boredom" The Monarch said.

If you’re interested in joining Bored Stu and the Monarch on their ad campaign across the United States, check out their project on Opensea at:

Be sure to follow the Monarach on Twitter @themonarch00

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