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BoredJobs And PureArts Are Hosting A Tournament To Determine Which Apes Should Become Action Figures

BoredJobs and PureArts need your help to determine which Bored Apes should be made into action figures.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Mousebelt, the crypto incubator company behind BoredJobs, is working with PureArts, a well-known figurine maker, to create a line of Bored Ape toys.

Earlier this month, a bunch of apes applied to be made into an action figure and BoredJobs weeded down the pool to a final 16.

Now BoredJobs and PureArts is asking the BAYC community to vote for their favorite apes in march madness bracket style competition.

"Final 16 @PureArtsLimited Collectible Finalists,” BoredJobs tweeted last night. “Community Vote You decide which apes will get chosen to monetize their IP The final (8) @BoredApeYC will be chosen in this round of voting open Aug 19-21st. Vote your favorite community Ape's randomly paired in the threads.”

Check out the eight matchups below:

@JTan1530 (BAYC #6308) vs @beijingdo (BAYC #1037)

@tmagled (BAYC #4827) vs @sven_nft (BAYC #1101)

You can cast your votes for your favorite apes on BoredJobs Twitter below:

Voting for this part of the contest closes on August 21st, so be sure to cast your ballots as soon as possible!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this competition and will let you know when the next round of voting begins.

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