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BORING STORIES: Get to Know Longtime BAYC Member Phil And See What He's Been Building

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is filled with interesting Apes doing things that are anything but boring, one of those Bored Apes is Phil otherwise known as @Phibacka31.

Phil is a father, teacher, and coach who has an affinity for spreading knowledge about Web3.

Phil joined the NFT space when he minted his Bored Ape, Bored Ape #1357, and from the beginning Phil loved the community and vibes.

Since joining the swamp, Phil has been using his platform to host a weekly Twitter space called “The Graveyard shift” every Saturday night, and he also runs a show/podcast called@_BoredTV_. During these shows, Phil enlightens newcomers, and teaches even the most grizzled NFT holders, something new about Web3!

Check out the Gazette’s interview with Phil and get to know this Bored Ape!

What were your initial thoughts when you got your ape(s)?

"My initial thoughts prior to minting my PFP was that the roadmap was so silly, and I loved the call to “pay back their moms”. Seeing that there would be merch associated with and NFT was exciting, too.

How long after getting your ape did you realize or think this

could be something really big?

"Truthfully, right after I minted my BAYC I hopped in the discord and felt more energy than I had ever felt before. Of course I didn’t know this would be a 6 figure asset, but I could tell there was a real sense of community."

Do you still work a regular job? Is it hard to work that job knowing your ape is worth X eth?

"I do work a “regular” job, as I have a loving wife and two children. Since I am the primary breadwinner, I cannot take as many risks. It’s funny to think about since I am dealing in NFT’s worth substantial sums of money, but at the end of the day I need my current job, but I would love to eventually work full-time in Web3."

Personally, I’ve learned a lot, and met a ton of great people in Web3. What are some things you’ve learned and would share with new people? Does anyone stand out as a good source of information?

"There is so many great people in this space, it’s tough to pick out the best. Most of the people that I have spent a lot of time interacting with are all here to help or build something dope, that’s what I want to do. I hope to educate the masses through content, such as the Bored TV stream I co-host with Will and Bryce every Wednesday. Shout out to my two favorite people in the space @dontfeedthewolf and @squirt11e."

What are your thoughts on the new Yuga information and upcoming mint?

"My early thoughts are that I’m screwed. I’m a dad, a teacher, and coach so my time is extremely limited. I do think it will be a lot of fun and important, this can show other NFT projects how they can function through a game via streamers. Gamifying a mint IS groundbreaking, and I think it’ll be something we see moving forward because, why not?"

Lastly, do you invest in any other assets outside of crypto and Web3?

"In the past I have owned small amounts of different stocks, but I no longer do. ALL IN ON CRYPTO AND NFT’S LFGGG."

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Phil and will keep covering various members of the BAYC! If you would like to be interviewed feel free to DM the Gazette or @SerBeachBum.

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