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BORING STYLE: Check Out These NFT Inspired Hoodies

ApeCoin Special Council Member and Animoca Brand’s Chairman Yat Siu was looking bored and stylish in his Bored Ape inspired hoodie!

"#hongkong is serious about #NFTs #web3 #blockchain #metaverse when Chris Hui, Secretary of Finance Services & the Treasury is wearing @punk6529 x @VivienneTam who also made my @BoredApeYC #9730 when she originally designed them for #NYFW #HKFintechWeek

@AsiaSociety w/ Ronnie Chan," Siu tweeted earlier today.

As Siu rocked his Bored Ape, Hong Kong’s Secretary of Finance and Treasury, Christopher Hui sported a hoodie inspired by notable CryptoPunk #6529.

Following Siu’s post, Punk6529 took to Twitter and commented on the Secretary’s taste in fashion.

“My over/under on when the Secretary of Finance and Treasury of Hong Kong would be wearing a Meme Card hoodie was closer to 2030, than ‘a few weeks after it was minted,’” the notable Punk tweeted. “Once the CC0 snowball effect gets going, it is going to be wild.”

Both Siu and Hui’s hoodies were designed by Fashion Designer Vivienne Tam who previsiouly featured Siu’s ape during her “ Metaverse, Past, Present, and Future” collection at New York Fashion Week in September.

Take a closer look at Tam's BAYC inspired fashion below:

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