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CHECK IT OUT: Here's A Map Of The Mutant Cartel's Five Layer "Hideout"

After the Mutant Hounds were released in January, the expanded Yugaverse project kicked off February be sharing a new map of “The Hideout” and teasing upcoming lore.

The Mutant Hounds project drummed up a lot of speculation around the swamp on Sunday as the community got its first look at the Cartel’s five layered Hideout.

“Davey’s map suggests the Hideout and its deeper levels hold far more secrets than we could have ever thought,” The Mutant Hounds project tweeted. “There's so much unexplored in these tunnels and part of a much larger piece it would appear.”

Following the Mutant Hound’s post, the project’s founder, Lior.Eth, took to Twitter and teased that more is in the works.

“The @mutant_cartel Hideout. Fucking love the universe we're building,” Lior tweeted. “It's so good! Can't wait to share more of the insane stuff we've been up to. Zoom in, have fun.”

The Mayor of the Mutant Cartel, Ben Mayor White, echoed Lior’s thoughts on the project and said that the next few weeks will be insane!

“I hope you enjoy sleuthing over this as much as we did making it,” White tweeted. “The next weeks are gonna be absolutely bananas !howl”

While we do not know much about the hideout at this time, some astute Cartel members pointed out that the Hideout was built underneath a Mystic environment Otherdeed.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Mutant Cartel,the Mutant Hounds project, and will let you know when new information about Hideout is revealed. Stay tuned for updates!

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