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CHECK IT OUT: This Animation Company Just Released A New Video Inspired By The Doo-Key Dash!

As Doo-Key Dashers continue their journey in the sewers underneath the Bored Ape Yacht Club, this animation company released a new video from the gutter featuring a cyborg Bored Ape!

On Wednesday, Vertical Dream, an entertainment company exploring the boundaries of creative content and immersive digital experiences, released a new video featuring Bored Ape #6860.

In the video, Bored Ape #6860 uses his cyborg eye to help him duck and dash his way through the trash filled sewer until an error occurs which causes him to crash!

Following the video’s release, Bored Ape #6860 AKA Two_Shainz took to Twitter and explained why he crashed in the video!

“@BoredApeYC accounted for cyborg apes object detection with the anti-cheating measures,” Two_Shainz tweeted. This is why I can only score 80k.”

You can check out Vertical Dreams full video below:

The Doo-Key Dash is still live and Sewer Pass holders have until February 8th to get a high score for the summoning mint on February 15th. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Doo-Key Dash. Stay tuned for updates!

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