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Check Out The Trippy Captain's Hat That This Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Will Be Rocking At Ape Fest

Notable Bored Ape Yacht Club member Capetain Trippy will be looking good at Ape Fest later this month thanks to this amazing trippy hat.

“Look what just showed up on my doorstep,” Capetain Trippy tweeted along with four photos of a physical trippy captain’s hat.

The hat was created by NFT artist KieMei and designed to resemble the trippy captain’s hat trait from the BAYC collection.

“Created these awesome custom hats so that @CapetainTrippy is ready for Apefest,” KieMei tweeted.

After Capetain Trippy’s post, several BAYC members commented on how far out the hat looked. “This is incredible work,” BAYC member Dtrain22 tweeted. “Really well done.”

The hat looked so good that some BAYC members thought it was the club’s official Captain’s hat prize from the mobile game competition earlier this year. “I definitely thought this was the prize from the mobile game,” BAYC member JxmJxm tweeted.

After sharing the hat on Twitter, Capetain Trippy asked his followers to give KieMei a follow and support her work! “Do me a favor and go follow this brilliant female artist that made my CapetainTrippy hats,” he tweeted. “It may be a bear market but there is still so much talent in the art/ NFT space that need us and we need them!”

Be sure to follow KieMei on Twitter @KieMei_

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