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Check Out This Bored Ape Yacht Club Member's New Product, Bored Candy

After holding his Bored Apes since mint, longtime Bored Ape Yacht Club member Daniel G has teamed up with a friend of his to create Bored Candy.

Daniel G has been a member of the BAYC since the beginning of the club and has been looking for a way to put his apes to work.

After looking at a lot of different options and avenues, Daniel G teamed up with a friend in south Texas who has been running a candy business and created Bored Candy.

“Buddy of mine had been running his own candy business on the side mostly locally for a couple of years but never really went all in,” Daniel G told the Bored Ape Gazette. “So we talked about utilizing NFT IP and branching out online and seeing what kind of market there was.”

Daniel G and his friend have developed three different flavored candies! “We have a couple different flavors, and they all have that chamoy/chile kind of spicy and sweet mix to them,” Daniel said. “We're based out of South Texas and really excited to share a bit of a Hispanic spin on candy with the flavors we put together, more than anything we just want to get this candy into everyone's hands so they can try for themselves.”

If you’re interested in picking up a pack of Bored Candy, be sure to check out Daniel G's website here:

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