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Co-Founder Of Ethereum, Taylor Gerring, Used A Mega Mutant Serum. Heres What Happened:

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Co-Founder of Ethereum and Bored Ape Yacht Club member, Taylor Gerring used his Mega Mutant Serum this evening and the results were insane.

Gerring, who purchased the Mega Mutant Serum for 888 Eth or $3.5 million USD earlier this week, gulped down the toxic concoction Tuesday evening live on BAYC member, TorpoFarmer’s stream.

Watching Gering’s bored ape drink the rare serum was quite the event at the BAYC, as ten thousand of members and spectators flocked to Twitch and Twitter to see it happen live.

viewers watched and waited as Gerring teased the community about which ape he would mutate. After much discussion and debate, Gerring mutated his cheetah fur primate and generated a DMT mega mutant.

Once the serum was drank, everyone looked in awe at the club’s newest mutant ape.

After the mutation, everyone commented on how comfy this mutant looked.

After Gerring drank his serum, there are now 10 revealed M3 mutants and three unused mega serums left to be consumed.

Currently, there is a 999 Eth or 3,805,000 USD highest offer for the coveted serum, according to Opensea.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Gerring and his new Mutant ape along with the three unused mega mutant serums.

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