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COLLEGE DEBUT: A CryptoPunk Was Seen During Today's College Gameday Broadcast! The Full Story Here:

As Web3 degens placed their bets and watched ESPN’s College Gameday broadcast this morning, many recognized a familiar CryptoPunks' pixelated face on a homemade sign in the background!

Over a hundred thousand fans descended upon the ‘Big House’ on Saturday to watch the University of Michigan Wolverines face off against The Ohio State Buckeyes for the 119th time in their storied histories.

Before the game, football fans stood outside in the 30-degree weather holding up signs during ESPN’s College Gameday broadcast, a tradition that fans across the country have participated in every Saturday since 1994!

In the sea of posters depicting the schools' rivalry, the Web3 community spotted a Punk in the distance!

“Is that a @cryptopunksnfts at @CollegeGameDay,” Web3 enthusiast @E_V_A_M_S tweeted this morning.

The CryptoPunk that made its college football debut during College Gameday this morning was CryptoPunk #8834, a three-attribute male punk with an earring, a police cap, and a shadow beard, that’s owned by Bee__Wells.

“Going to be tough falling asleep, so much on the line tomorrow Also going to make cryptopunk history, first cryptopunk on ESPN,” he tweeted last night before College Gameday.

Earlier today, Bee__Wells followed up his tweet with a photo of himself with his CryptoPunk sign!

The Bored Ape Gazette reached out to Bee__wells for an interview about his sign but did not hear back from him. However, we can assume he had a great day because Michigan defeated Ohio State 30-24!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bee__Wells and will let you know if he plans to have his Punk pop up again anytime soon! Stay tuned for updates!

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