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'COMING SOON': This Bored Ape Yacht Club Member's Latest Work Is A Real Catch!

This ‘crypto painter’ cast a line and is fishing with his thoughts about the Bored Ape Yacht Club in his latest work, which is available for everyone in the Web3 world to claim!

As the crypto market dipped and the mood on the timeline became as murky as the waters around the club, longtime BAYC member and artist CryptoPainter grabbed his rod, went out on the water, and captured the current vibe in a new piece titled ‘Coming Soon.'

“The painting plays light and darkness. Light (otherside) while in the swamp (darkness),” CryptoPainter said. “Wanted to portray the current sentiment of the club and nft space in general. Wanted him fishing because when you’re fishing alone, you get to do a lot of thinking.”


Within ‘Coming Soon,’ CryptoPainter also filled the work with choices and easter eggs for the community to reflect upon while fishing and thinking.


“There’s a sign in the left mid ground that says Otherside and another sign that says get rekt,” he said. “People and members are making their own choices just like this painting. I have a life preserver which represents for all of us to hold on for life. Also represents the doggos (trait) Have a mega barrel on the right because it would be awesome if the next one up drinks it soon.”


While the painting references the past,  CryptoPainter told the Gazette that the true message of this work is for Apes and Degens to focus on the future.

“Basically painted it for the club and the community to stop crying and whining,”Crypto Painter told the Gazette. “To the new members, welcome and hold on because it’s going to be a fun ride.”


Apes and non-Apes can now claim their copy of ‘Coming Soon’ on Base between now and Friday here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow CryptoPainter and will let you know what he makes next. Stay tuned for updates!


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