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COMING UP: Applied Primate Engineering's First Comic Book Mint Is Tomorrow. All The Details Here:

Applied Primate Engineering and 247 Comics are set to mint their first comic book tomorrow morning, which will unveil AppliedPrimate's origin story and feature Mega Radioactive.

All Apekind will get to learn more about Applied Primate Engineering and how the research facility came to be as the company launches its first comic book tomorrow morning.

The 'AppliedPrimate Origins' comic book mint will take place over three phases beginning with a private AppliedPrimate Keycard and MegaForce Sentinel Holders mint at 7 AM. PST, followed by a preferred mint for BAYC, MAYC and BAKC holders at 8:15 A.M. PST, and ending with a public mint at 9:30 A.M. PST that anyone can participate in.

Each AppliedPrimate Origins comic cost .008 Eth for a standard digital edition and .025 Eth for an artist edition that will only be available during the private and preferred mints. These artist editions or ‘variant comics’ will also give holders the option to burn their digital copy for a physical comic book, according to Applied Primate Engineering.

“The choice is yours when you mint a variant of AppliedPrimate Origins with @247ComicsHQ on 08/16,” Applied Primate Engineering tweeted. “Keep your digital token of our comic book or burn it to get a limited-run, physical collector's copy! The first ever comic book featuring Made By Apes #42069! Mint a digital experience of the AppliedPrimate story, written and illustrated by top tier creators with @247ComicsHQ! EVERY variant of AppliedPrimate Origins can be burned to collect a physical copy.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Applied Primate Engineering and will keep you posted on the project’s comic book mint. Stay tuned for updates!

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