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COMING UP: BAYC Member And Singer, JJ Lin, Is Releasing A Still Bored Clothing Collection Tomorrow!

Singer, song writer, and Bored Ape Yacht Club Member, JJ Lin, is ‘still bored’ and about to drop his Made By Apes clothing collecting featuring his Bored Ape tomorrow afternoon!

On Tuesday, BAYC Member JJ Lin’s Made By Apes Brand, SMG: Still Moving Under Gunfire, took to Instagram and announced that the company was releasing a ‘Still Bored JJ Style’ clothing line that’s anything but boring!

“SMG is going APE with the exclusive ‘Bored Ape #2914 Made By APES (license #00287) limited drop,” the brand wrote on Instagram “Taking inspiration from the iconic ‘Bored’ from Bored Ape Yacht Club, this ‘Still Bored’ collection doesn’t just run with the bored vibe- it rebelliously mashes up SMG’s ‘Still’ with BAYC’s ‘Bored’ for a fresh brand crossover available in tee and hoodie.”

SMG’s Still Bored collection features Lin’s Bored Ape, Bored Ape #3914, a five trait black fur primate with a Vietnam era helmet, a blindfold, and a diamond grill grin.



Apes and non-Apes can purchase a shirt or hoodie from Lin’s Still Bored Collection tomorrow, March 27th, at 12 P.M. (presumably Singapore Standard Time). Note that while the website does not explicitly specify Singapore Standard Time, SMG is located in Singapore, according to social media.


For more information about the drop and to purchase a piece from the collection, Apes can check out the SMG website here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this drop and all of Lin’s future bored releases. Stay tuned for updates!

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