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COMING UP: Filt3r's 3D Augmented Reality OG Pass Mint Begins Tomorrow. All The Details Here:

Bored Ape Yacht Club members will have the chance to break out of the 2D world of the swamp and enter the third dimension with Filt3r’s Augmented reality mint beginning tomorrow!

On Monday, Filt3r, a Web3 augmented reality studio that’s working to bring apes into the real world, will be selling 555 “OG Access Pass” NFTs to the BAYC community for 555 $Ape each.

These Access Passes will give holders the ability to use their primates as a face filter with the company’s App and create content that is anything but boring!

“The next step in the evolution of PFPs is to bring your digital identity (PFP) into the real world,” the company wrote. “We are taking PFP NFTs to the next level and into the future with real-world utility.”

Along with the Ape filter, OG Access Pass NFT holders will also receive free mints in all Filt3r’s future endeavors!

“We have a working product that we’ve put 2 years of work into,” Filt3r’s Chief Admin Officer Cordz told the Gazette. “Fully self-funded. Top of the line artists and the passes are loaded with utility. We even went the extra mile to make the mint in $APE!”

The mint will kick off at 11 A.M. EST on Monday July 31st, for whitelisted wallets, followed by a private and public sale on Tuesday August 1st.

Apes can still whitelist their wallets for the mint here here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Filt3r’s mint and will let you know what the company does next!

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