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COMING UP: OtherBlock Is Hosting Its Second Event In LA Later This Month. Here's How To Attend:

These Costal Bored Apes are hosting the boredest block party in Los Angeles later this month and every Bored Ape Yacht Club member is invited!

BAYC community lead project OtherBlock is hosting its SuperCharged LA event on Saturday, March 18th, in Los Angeles California.

“Following our hit event at Ape Basel Miami, our Los Angeles immersive experience combines the physical + digital + meta-arts to deliver a supercharged adventure,” OtherBlock wrote. ” Featuring artists from coast-to-coast, we celebrate the vibrant culture of web3 & LA through

the lens of the BAYC community while curating multi-activation experiences.”

Some of the artists and creators that will be highlighted at the event include notable BAYC members Myth Division, Sera Stargirl, Shilly, Bailey, Crypto Painter, Hawkward, among others.

“Extremely proud to welcome a stacked slate of traditional & digital artists to @TheOtherBlock: Supercharged LA, OtherBlock," Co-Lead Swickie tweeted on March 1st. “From glass to neon, gen art to sculpture, fiat to 3D animation - incredibly honored to showcase BAYC members & friends of BAYC.”

BAYC members that are interested in attending OtherBlock’s Supercharged: LA Event can claim their tickets via TokenProof here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow OtherBlock. Stay tuned for updates!

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