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COMING UP: Singing Sensation Shilly Is Launching His Made By Apes Music Venue Bora Boring This Week!

The bored beats will be bumping all week long as Otherside singing sensation, Shilly, launches his new virtual music venue, "Bora Boring," with a list of special guests that are anything but bland!

On Monday, Community Produced Recording Artist Shilly, who has been entertaining the community with bored banger after bored banger since December 2022, and his unpaid manager Shwaz will launch their Made By Apes metaverse music venue, Bora Boring!

“It's the first Made By Apes metaverse venue and will feature music, art, and shops from creators in the ape community,” Shwaz told the paper. “Also, we plan on integrating Bora Boring into The Otherside when that becomes possible! We are planting the seeds for the future of metaverse events and experiences!”

The first night of Bora Boring festivities kicks off at 6 P.M. EST tomorrow and Bored Ape Yacht Club members, along with the broader web3 space, will be invited to tap in and enjoy some amazing music by Shily and his special guest, ApeRaveClub!

“set your alarms,” ApeRaveclub told his fans today. “Tomorrow 8/28 at 6pm Est I’ll be playing a virtual set!”

Along with ApeRaveClub’s Bora Boring performance with Shilly on Monday, several other notable artists from across the community will also take the stage in the metaverse throughout the week! Take a look at the lineup below:

Apes who are interested in attending Shilly’s Bora Boring event tomorrow or any of his other performances throughout the week can do so here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Shilly and will bring you a full report from Bora Boring later this week. Stay tuned for updates!

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