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MUTANT MODELS ARE INSANE: Yuga Labs CEO Garga Gave The Community An Update And First Look At The 3D Mutant Apes!

Mutants are insane and coming soon, according to Yuga Labs CEO Garga, who gave Bored Ape Yacht Club members an update and their first look at the 3D Mutant Apes.

Nearly a month after Yuga Labs gave all 10,000 Bored Apes their primates’ 3D files and invited them to build with their Jpegs, Garga had a 'fuck it' Friday moment in the BAYC Discord server, responding to an ApeCoin DAO forum post made by the team who helped make the BAYC 3D models, Polygonal Mind.

“We worked with Polygonal Mind on the BAYC models but used another vendor to finish them out,” Garga replied. “That same other vendor is the one doing Kodas and did an amazing job. We have a 6+ person avatar team in house and it takes a shit ton of work to get an outside vendor and like 60+ artists all rowing in the same direction and the team here really likes the koda vendor. I guess they aren’t loving that we didn’t use them for the other collections.”

Minutes later, Garga followed up his post with an update on Yuga Labs’ progress on Kodas and gave Apes their first look at the insane 3D modeled Mutants.

“There’s an insane amount of work that gets put in to these things from the yuga side before the vendor touches stuff,” Garga wrote. “Like decks with absurdly specific specs and stuff about every single trait etc. it’s SO hard to get 60+ artists to all row in the same direction. Kodas are what is landing next (3d models already done, but rigging and assembly and stuff is happening) because it felt like a good middle stepping point between bayc and the complexity of mayc.”

After Garga gave Apes their first took at the 3D modeled Mutants, the community took to the timeline to spread the word that Mutants are insane.

“Just wanna give a PSA to crypto twitter,” BAYC member Carson tweeted.  “If you thought the apes were wild when 3D models came out then you may wanna preemptively shut it all down. When the mutants get their 3D apes this place is going to be insane. They’re the wild ones of the family.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported Kodas and Mutant Apes aren’t the only Yuga Labs assets that are getting their NFTs 3D models soon. Yuga Labs is also working to bring the Meebits and Moonbirds to life.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the development of Yuga Labs' 3D models and will let you know when everyone can access their 3D files. Stay tuned for updates!

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