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COMING UP: The BAYC Community Council Is Hosting An Election Space Tomorrow At 12 P.M. EST

The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Community Council will be hosting a Twitter Space tomorrow afternoon to go over the committee’s upcoming election process and give their fellow primates more information on the three newly created positions and the work ahead!

The next few weeks around the swamp will be anything but boring as BAYC members begin to nominate their frens for the club’s Community Council on Monday, followed by a club-wide vote for who they’d like to see represent the Apes in 2024!

But before any of that begins, the BAYC’s Community Council Lead, Josh Ong, will be hosting a Twitter Space on Monday at 12 P.M. EST to give the community more information about the election process and the three open positions!

“I’m hosting a @BaycCouncil Space on Monday at 12pm ET,” he tweeted. “We’ll talk through the Nomination process and the 2024 Community Council roles. Will leave some time at the end for feedback and questions from the Club.”



As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the three open positions that BAYC and MAYC members can nominate themselves or others for next week are 1. Council Co-Lead, 2. Made by Apes Liaison, 3. Clubhouse/Events Liaison.

The Bored ape Gazette will continue to follow the BAYC Community Council election and will bring you live updates during tomorrow’s space followed by a recap report. Stay tuned for updates!

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