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COMING UP: The First Ever ApeCoin DAO Funded Laughing Ape Comedy Show Is Happening Tonight At 6 P.M. EST! Here's How You Can Watch Online!

The recent silly Bitcoin price action was just the warm-up act for the hilarity that is going to ensue tonight at the ApeCoin DAO’s first-ever Laughing Ape comedy show in Denver, Colorado; and $Apes across the globe can watch it live from an $Ape or Moca-themed comedy club metaverse!

At 6 P.M. EST, ApeCoin DAO contributor Arron Haber, alongside comedy gurus such as Janae Burris from Just For Laughs Comedy Festival and NBC, as well as two-time Emmy Award-winning comedy writer Brian Kiley, will take the stage at the Sports Castle in Denver, Colorado for their first ever Bored Silly Comedy Show!

“Here’s what to expect: Comedy. Me wearing BAYC Merch during the show. The show taking place on @PP_Man’s Birthday,” Haber previously told the paper.

$Apes who cannot attend the live event tonight, fear not. Haber bought Metaverse builder, MobinFaraz to the project to construct an $Ape themed metaverse comedy club alongside a Mocaverse venue!

“GM! @LaughingApeMBA’s @apecoin and @MocaverseNFT inspired Comedy Club Metaverses are now live,” Haber tweeted this morning. “You can find the links in their respective Discords (always go through official links). We love Apecoin DAO and our Moca Fam and hope you love these amazing spaces!”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Haber’s Laughing Ape Comedy Shows and will let you know where his next event is taking place. Stay tuned for updates!

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