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COMING UP: Yuga Labs Is Hosting A Twitter Space With The Devs Behind CryptoPunks 721 And The 'Your Stash' Program

Yuga Labs is hosting a Twitter space with some of the biggest brain developers in the Web3 ecosystem tomorrow to go over the company’s CryptoPunks 721 program!


A month after Yuga Labs introduced the Web3 world to its “Your Stash” program, described as “a series of interconnected contracts that unlock new possibilities across our projects” by 0xQuit, and welcomed the CryptoPunks community to wrap their NFTs in its new 721 wrapper, that makes it easier for Punks to wrap and unwrap their NFTs as needed, reduce gas fees, and opens a world of possibilities, Yuga Labs is holding a space to answer any questions the community may have about this initiative!


“Join us for spaces discussing all things CryptoPunks721 on Monday 12PM EST with the engineers behind it @0xquit @dash_yuga— moderated by @naughtaliestone with special guests:  @aceonedesign @0xMunger @niftynaut @RasterEyes_ @jalil_eth @FLC_FlooringLab



The Bored Ape Gazette will be in attendance during tomorrow’s space and will bring you live tweet updates throughout the event!

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