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Demystifying The Legends Of The Mara. Here's What You Need To Know About Yuga Labs' Latest Game:

After patiently waiting for the Legend’s of the Mara to become a reality, Voyagers finally got their chance to nest their mystical creatures on September 26th and have been playing Yuga Labs’ casual card game while exploring the lore of Otherside ever since!

While the Legends of The Mara became a reality nearly three weeks ago, many in the community have still not nested their Vessels and are not farming or fighting on Otherside yet.

To help demystify the game, the Bored Ape Gazette’s resident gamer, Mr. Mugen, created an explainer to help you get the low down on LOTM! Check it out below:

To begin, Voyagers must exchange their Original Otherdeeds for an Otherdeed expanded NFT and Mara Vessel. Voyagers can do that here:

Once Voyagers have claimed their Vessel, they will either get a Hunter, Farmer, or Enchanter creature. They will then need to nest their Vessels on their Otherdeeds. This nesting process will take seven days and once hatched the Mara can have one of five rarities: Common - Uncommon - Rare - Epic – Legendary. Note, this nesting process can be accelerated by using Myst, the currency in LOTM, that Voyagers can purchase using $Ape.

Hunters Vessels turn into Hunter Mara that fend off the Shattered. Farmer Vessels turn into Farmer Maras that farm the precious fragments from the sediments of Deeds, and Enchanter Vessels turn into Enchanter Mara that make Hunters and Farmers perform their tasks better.

Hunting the Shattered

Hunter Maras, Kodas, and Mega Kodas are used to hunt the Shattered. Depending on the rarity of the Hunter Mara, different skills and buffs can be used. Kodas with weapons and Mega Koda also gain buffs attributed with their weapons. Once the hunter Mara is assigned to a Deed expanded, it will be able to attack the Shattered.

Attacks are passive, but players also have the ability to manually attack using Special attack. There is a cooldown, but this cool down can be mitigated using Myst. Using special attacks will fill up the ‘Combo’ meter. Once filled the combo meter will let players launch a powerful attack. Various combos can be used depending on how many Hunter Mara are on the game board.

There are five Shattered bosses that each represent a different environment tier: Shattered 1: Sidian - Shattered 2: Thrash - Shattered 3: Caviar - Shattered 4: Barrel -Shattered 5: Rom

Farming fragments

Farming Sediment fragments will require Farmer Mara. The yield is based on farmer rarity and sediment tier. The higher the rarity and sediment tier, the better.

Five types of fragments that can be farmed are Biogenic, Chemical Goo, Rainbow Atmos, Infinite Expanse, and Cosmic Dream.

Enchanter Oda

There are three enchanter slots per Deed. Enchanter Oda provides ‘damage bonus for hunters’ and ‘harvest speed bonus.’ Much like the Hunter and Farmer Mara, the more rare the Enchanter Mara is the better the bonus it will provide.

As players continue to test the mechanics of Legends of the Mara, the Bored Ape Gazette will continue to report on new information and strategies.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of Legends of The Mara and will bring you gaming tips and tricks soon. Stay tuned for updates!

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